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  • Automotive DRB III Scan Tool Package - Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge
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DRB III Scan Tool Package - Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge

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      DaimlerChrysler DRB III Sprinter Scan Tool Kit updated to 64.1
      For up to 2007 non-can Chrysler vehicles.

      Includes Sprinter PCMCIA green card updated to 6.2 and cables
      For 2001 - 2006 Sprinters

      New, never used. The parts are still in original plastic wrap. This item is guaranteed new. However, since I am not a dealer, there is no warranty or return on this item.
      Please review my feedback ratings and purchase in confidence.  If you would like to discuss whether this is appropriate equipment for your needs, please feel free to email me with a phone number and I'd be happy to call you. I have 12 years of Sprinter experience.
      Please read all of the information in this listing.

      This kit includes:
      OT-CH6000A           DRB III includes software update to version 64.1
      OT-CH6050             DRB III Technician Guide
      OT-CH6040             Protective glove
      OT-CH9043             Sprinter multiplexer cable
      OT-CH9087             Sprinter PCMCIA card updated to software version 6.2
      OT-517767             Sprinter Technician Guide
      OT-CH7000A           J1962 Cable, OBD
      OT-CH7068             Null modem cable
      OT-CH7025             DIN Power cable
      OT-CE2092             Power supply
      OT-CE2094             110 VAC power cord
      OT-CH6030             Storage case

      Copy of original DVD with
      Flash re-programming program, re-programming calibration updates
      TSB viewer with Chrysler TSBs.

      Operating manuals
      System Diagnostics provides diagnostic test modules for the Sprinter Electronic Control Units (ECU).  Most of the ECUs retain diagnostic Trouble Codes to aid with fault diagnosis, and many ECUs permit viewing and controlling sensor activity.
      Diagnostic menus of the DRB are broken down into four basic categories:
      1.  System menu pages:
      Anti-lock Brakes
      Passive restraints
      Theft alarm
      System monitors

      2.  Component ECU Menu pages which show the ECUs that associated with a specific component system.

      3.  Function Menu Pages:
        -System tests - controls the operation and flow of the system under test.
        -DTC functions - accesses current DTCs, stored DTCs, clear DTCs, and a list of all DTCs for the selected ECU.
        -Module Display - reviews part number, supplier, hardware and software dates, diagnosis ID and DLC PIN number used for communication.
        -Sensor display- review the current state of the ECUs sensors.
        -Input/output display - review the current state of ECU's I/O components.
        -Monitor display - review a specific collection of sensors and/or I/Os.
        -Actuator tests - Selects an actuator for a cyclic operation.
        -Miscellaneous functions - processes that when executed can change the vehicles configuration or parameters.

      4.  Sub-menu pages
      NOTE: For some vehicles,  you may need additional cards or cables.  Please research to confirm this product will work for your vehicle.
      To use a DRB III on a Sprinter, you must have the PCMCIA card AND multiplexer cable that are included above.
      I am a trained Sprinter technician, so if you'd like to talk about this item to see if it's the correct one for your application, please email your phone number and I'm happy to call you.

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